Prepare to be transported into a world of musical brilliance as we showcase the talents of two extraordinary musicians: David Elton on trumpet and Dr. Joseph Nolan on organ.

David Elton, renowned as the Principal Trumpet of the Sydney Orchestra and former Principal Trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra, has aptly described Dr. Joseph Nolan as “one of the most brilliant, virtuosic, and exuberant musicians that one could ever wish to perform alongside.” The synergy between these two artists promises to ignite the stage with electrifying performances.

The program for the evening is nothing short of spectacular, featuring a diverse selection of pieces that will inspire you. From the timeless beauty of Albinoni’s Concerto No. 2 to the iconic strains of Jeremiah Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary, and the haunting melodies of Morricone’s “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission, each composition promises to evoke emotions and stir the soul.

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