April 11 2024 – June 1 2024

KAMILĖ GALLERY is pleased to present SPINIFEX PEOPLE, the first group exhibition with the Gallery by artists of world-renowned Spinifex Art Center, the Tjuntjuntjara community, located in the Western Australia Great Victoria Desert. Tjuntjuntjara is the home community for the Spinifex Artists, 700kms north-east east of Kalgoorlie in the Great Victorian Desert. These artists are known for their direct and powerful paintings showing the traditional country of their forebears. The paintings have the immediate connection of people whose entire history is tied up in the links between their families and the waterholes and hunting grounds that have been central to their existence for vast periods of time. The artists produce their paintings for the Spinifex Arts Project at Tjuntjuntjara. The senior male artists include Simon Hogan, Roy Underwood, Ned Grant, Byron Brooks, Ian Rictor, Lennard Walker. Women artists include Tjaruwa (Angelina) Woods, Carlene West, Kathleen Donnegan, Yarangka Elaine Thomas and Myrtle Pennington. The artists are well represented in national and international collections, which include the British Museum, London.

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