Cathedral Square is situated at Point Zero, the point from which all distances from Perth are measured, set in 1925.

The oldest of the site’s buildings, The Deanery, was built in 1859 followed by St Georges Cathedral in 1888. The site on which these buildings stood was originally a military reserve, occupied by barracks, gaol, officers’ quarters and hospital.

Construction of the iconic Perth Town Hall began in 1867 as part of a public works program using the skills of the convict population. The build was overseen by James Manning, who was also the architect for the Fremantle Prison.

The State Buildings, previously The Old Treasury Buildings, date back to 1875 and have been used as a Post Office, Public Offices, a Police cellblock, Treasury and Office of the Premier and Cabinet. Many of the restaurateurs who now occupy the building have given the nod to their heritage, with Petition taking its name after the petitioners who would gather at the State Buildings to lobby for various causes and Post taking from the iconic Postal Hall which once stood in its place.

Get to know the historic site further and see these landmarks for yourself with the aid of Cathedral Square’s self-guided heritage tour. Visit the City of Perth Library to collect your brochure.

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